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Boat Storage & Services

Taking care of a boat can be hard. Let us help you out by keeping it clean and safe! Check out our services and prices below.

Boat Storage Rates

Monthly- $1.00/SQ FT

Winter Season- $5.00/SQ FT

Summer Season- $3.00/SQ FT

Transient Season- $1.00/SQ FT

Trailer Storage

Summer $100

Winter $100

Shrink Wrap Rates

(Length X Width X Rate)

Standard Wrap - $2.40/SQ FT

T-Top, Flybridge, Tower- $2.65 SQ FT

Off Premises- $3.15/ SQ FT

(Additional Charge for Drive Time)

Shrink Wrap Disposoal $2.00/FT

Wash/Detail Charges

Standard Boat Wash- $9.00/FT

Wax Only Hull & Interior $45.00/FT

Compuound/Wax Hull & Interior

No Cabin 0-25'- $55.00/FT

No Cabin 26' and Up'- $63.00/FT

Cabin Style 0-25'- $68.00/FT

Cabin Style 26' and Up- $72.00/FT

Compound/Wax- Hull Only $35-$40/FT

Compound/Wax- Interior Only $35-$40/FT

Polish Chrome/Stainless

Optional woody wax treatment - per quote

T-Top add $150.00

13'-15'- $115.00

16'-20'- $150.00

21'-22'- $175.00

23'-25'- $195.00

26'-28'- $250.00

28' & Up- Time & Materials

Bottom Paint/ Wash Rates

Bottom Wash- $10.00/FT

Includes Acid Bath Waterline

Prep & Paint Bottom

Repaint- $25.00/FT

Aluminum Repaint- $25.00/FT

Standard Ablative Repaint- $25.00/FT

Premium Ablative Repaint- $25.00/FT

New Pre & Bottom Paint

Up to 21'- $50.00/FT

22' & Up- $55.00/FT

Standard Ablative Up to 21'- $55.00/FT

Premium Ablative Up to 21'- $60.00/FT

Standard Ablative 22' & Up- $62.00/FT

Premium Ablative 22' & Up- $67.00/FT

**New Paint Includes Antifoul Underwater Gear**